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Working in the traditional public and public charter industry for 20+ years, InspirED Education is committed to ensuring that children, particularly in urban communities, receive a high-quality education by strategically attracting, recruiting, and matching talent in schoos and districts in targeted communities. InspirED’s Talent Match program, will utilize our collective experience to yield individuals who are ready to work in schools. We have a proven track-record of sourcing principals, teachers, operations and support staff, building teams and talent pipelines to achieve positive outcomes for schools. 

Talent Match

"Serve as the chief talent matchmaker and sourcing organization to positively impact urban education in urban communities. "


Talent + Match

Human capital solutions for school networks and districts.

What We Do.

Relationship Engagement and Management

Talent Strategic Planning

Talent Recruitment and Sourcing

Talent Placement Services

Leadership and Executive-Team Searches

Professional Readiness

Ongoing Team Support

Exit Planning

Chief Talent Officer Consulting Services

School Support

Executive Coaching

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